CHP Powering Through Hurricane Season

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Jun 16

Large weather events can have a massive impact on the general population and can be devastating for facilities that require continuous power. Extreme weather is the leading cause of outages, creating unnecessary shutdowns and dangerous situations for some operations. With the 2022 hurricane season shaping up to be an active one, we’re explaining how combined heat and power (CHP) can help keep the lights on during a storm.

Avoiding Grid Failure

Weather related grid failure can have catastrophic results. Nor’easters are a major concern for households and facilities across New England, usually occurring multiple times per year. These storms can lead to massive amounts of property damage as well as costly outages for companies that rely on consistent electricity. Not only do these weather events highlight the growing frequency and intensity of severe weather, but they also exemplify why a stable and durable power option is needed in case of overarching grid failure.

Mitigate Risks with Microgrid Integration

That’s where CHP comes in: when used independently, our CHP systems provide a resilient, 24/7 standby power option that is beneficial to businesses operating always-on equipment, including:

When used in conjunction with a microgrid, the case for CHP becomes even stronger. A microgrid is a local energy system with its own control capability, allowing it to operate independently. During a larger grid outage, CHP systems can automatically separate a host facility or microgrid from the utility grid and provide consistent power and thermal energy to the connected facility or facilities. When the weather event is over, you can switch back to operation on the larger grid while still maintaining the cost- and energy-efficient benefits of the CHP system.

Hurricane season is here, is your facility ready to weather the storm? Contact us if you’re interested in learning about CHP and the ways it can mitigate your facility’s risk during severe weather events. We can get you started today with a free energy analysis.