GlobalCon: Energy, Power & Facility Management, Strategies & Technologies...and Aegis

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Mar 23

GLOBALCON 2018 is billed as an event “designed specifically to facilitate those seeking to expand their knowledge of fast-moving developments in the energy field, explore promising new technologies, compare energy supply options, and learn about innovative and cost-conscious project implementation strategies.”

Fitting then, that Aegis took part, given the company’s commitment to all of the above—and moreover—commitment to information sharing to enable customers to put into practice these new teachings, by integrating said technologies into their facilities.

Like most tradeshows these days, GLOBALCON is, in addition to being an expo, a conference for up-to-the-minute announcements from industry experts. Keynote speakers this year included Bill Kent from the Association of Energy Engineers, Matthew Beaton, Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Jeannette Mills of National Grid and David Pogue, Global Director of Corporate Responsibility at CBRE. A common thread of their remarks: the importance of green technology and the many available funding options to implement it. What’s more—our very own Dan Burke presented, answering the question of “How do we determine if a building is a fit for cogen?”

Saving green while going green

It goes without saying that at Aegis, we support green technology. Afterall, our CHP systems provide an operational efficiency of 85%. But more than that, the units can save customers up to 50% on their yearly utility expenses. It was satisfying to learn that the speakers, all leaders in their own right, were discussing federal incentives and trends that we have implemented and recommended to our own customers, reinforcing the importance of staying on top of the latest offerings.

So—how can we help you save green? The first step for many is an energy audit. To begin the process, Aegis requires 12-months of energy data. With this information, we can calculate anticipated savings for your facility. Next, as required, are on-site visits to review your individual savings profile and ensure successful project integration. Together, we will find a solution to best meet your needs—and budget. No surprises. Open communication and an accurate evaluation using our proprietary modeling ensures just that.

Until then, continuing the trend of open communication, we have a slate of upcoming events to ensure we remain up-to-the-minute to ensure you likewise are. Be sure to check back to stay current on our blogs and press releases to learn of our important takeaways.

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