Hot Topic: CHP and Its Many Benefits

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Oct 16

Thought leader, Lee Vardakas, tapped to speak before the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Industry Partners meeting

Aegis Energy, EDF Group began offering the most efficient process in energy production—cogeneration—most often referred to as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) in 1985. Today, Aegis is a standout in the industry, and its management, recognized as thought leaders.

Speaking from his vast experience, Aegis President, Lee Vardakas, gave a presentation before membership of the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) at their recent Industry Partners meeting. Held twice a year, the gatherings are intended to engage, inspire and enlighten, as leaders in the field present on emerging technologies to achieve lasting and verifiable energy efficiency. The end goal? Change. Enlightened viewpoints. Accountability. More robust energy programs. All for the greater public good.

An innovator in his own right, Vardakas shared with members his company’s history and philosophy, highlighting the many benefits of CHP including its resiliency and energy efficiency. Perhaps of most interest to the group were Lee’s remarks concerning market segments and those types of facilities who could be best served by CHP.

Multi-unit residential buildings surely are candidates, having such a need (and draw) of power. (Think New York high-rise.) And also think of pharmaceutical companies and museums who require constant temperature and humidity controlled environments to protect controlled tests—or priceless works of art. And don’t forget military bases or hospitals who can’t put operations or patients ‘on hold’ during an outage. These types of facilities and many other specialized markets were discussed to highlight just how resilient CHP systems are all while reducing emissions and running efficiently.

Thinking of making the switch to CHP? Contact Lee or any of the knowledgeable Aegis staff members to learn how their products and services can make a marked impact on your company’s carbon footprint, resiliency and utility bills.

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