It’s More Than Just Tossing Your Carton in the Blue Bin

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Nov 15

While it may not be as catchy as National Taco Day or National Boss’ Day, on November 15 we come together to celebrate America Recycles Day.

As part of the “Keep America Beautiful” initiative, America Recycles Day encourages citizens to take the pledge and commit to practicing recycling efforts. With over 75,000 people to date pledging to recycle everything from shampoo bottles, to unwanted mail, to mobile devices, the nationwide effort sheds an important light on sustainability and green energy practices.

Pledgers are charged to learn what materials can be recycled in their community, to act on the amount of waste they produce and to share their commitment by encouraging others to do the same. While the recycling rate has increased in the past 30 years, currently only 34% of Americans partake in ongoing recycling efforts. As a country, we can—and should—do more.

Waste not, want not

For over 30 years, Aegis has designed solutions which have helped our clients save on energy costs, while dramatically reducing emissions, in turn, fighting global warming. With over 1,000 installations to date, Aegis cogeneration systems are an efficient, economically sound and environmentally friendly way to generate heat and power. Through the cogeneration process, our systems provide operational efficiency of 85%, using nearly all-natural gas input to produce heat and electricity, versus the low efficiency of traditional central power plants, which are only 30% efficient on average.

Doing your part to save green

Yet, we can’t do it alone, and on America Recycles Day, we are encouraging you to join us to take the pledge to learn how something as easy as recycling can have a tremendous, positive impact on our planet. Visit your state’s website to be informed, and if you are really looking to make an impact, call us today to find out how our customizable CHP systems can provide you with the solution you need to reduce energy emissions and increase sustainability efforts.

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