Peek Behind the Curtain

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Oct 5
 With over 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing cogeneration equipment, Aegis Energy engineers ensure your building gets the most out of the equipment and maximizes energy savings.

With the goal to inspire the next generation of manufacturers, National Manufacturing Day is celebrated all across the U.S. on the first Friday in October; some facilities open their doors to the public, others seek to educate. Since we’re not in the business of giving tours of our facility, we’ve decided to provide readers with a peek behind our manufacturing curtain in this month’s blog.


Did you know that every Aegis CHP system is manufactured at our corporate headquarters in Holyoke, Massachusetts? Having our manufacturing operations and technical staff under the same roof is beneficial on many levels. To start, our processes are extremely efficient: our current customers appreciate the timely builds and single source of accountability. Future customers will benefit from the constant innovating that this collaborative work environment allows for—and future generations will benefit as we seek to continually push the envelope when it comes to exceeding goals surrounding the reliability and sustainability of our products.


Cogeneration technology may not be widely recognized outside of industrial, commercial, institutional or utility circles, but it has quietly provided electricity and process heat to some of the most vital industries and many specialized markets. These highly efficient systems not only conform to the Clean Air Act, they work in conjunction with other renewable energy sources and microgrid applications.


With over 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing cogeneration equipment, and after nearly 1,000 installations over the past 30 years, we are proud to serve as an example to future manufacturers, to others in green technology, and to those looking for a forward-thinking solution for their facility. While we may be the only to wish you a happy National Manufacturing Day, we hope to be the first name you’ll think of for CHP and the last provider for this technology you’ll ever need. Ready to celebrate? Contact us today!

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