No Tricks, Just Treats With CHP

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Oct 15

During National Energy Awareness Month, we wish to remind you that choosing to invest in a clean-energy solution such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) doesn’t have to be scary!

When it comes to “witch” factors make CHP systems most valuable, affordability and efficiency are high on the list. CHP generates on-site electricity and useful thermal energy from a single fuel source. This efficiency translates to reduced operating costs for facilities large and small.

Resiliency and Security

Extreme weather can threaten energy security and critical infrastructure especially as we enter the “frightening” fall and winter months. The value of CHP is its resiliency in generating reliable backup power in the case of grid interruption; CHP systems fare better than traditional generators. CHP can also provide high-quality energy, with few voltage sags—even during blustery fall winds or severe winter weather—which is critical for facilities like hospitals or high-rise buildings, to name a few.


If your Halloween costume is “green” and you want an energy solution to match it, CHP compares favorably with other environmentally friendly sources. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says for every dollar spent on CHP there is a more significant reduction in emissions than if spending the same money on solar or wind energy—by an almost 2-to-1 margin. CHP operates around the clock generating clean, efficient power. Other renewables only produce electricity when the sun is shining, or the wind is blowing.

As the leaves fall, wouldn’t you like your energy prices to fall, too? Contact us today to learn how Combined Heat and Power can help your building reduce energy costs by up to 50%!

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