People in Power: Daryl Delisle

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Mar 18

For service manager Daryl Delisle, a typical day at Aegis Energy, EDF Group involves interacting with technicians, clients, office staff, and the company’s 24 / 7 remote monitoring system linked to Aegis’ Combined Heat and Power customers.

“The system is referred to as DDC which stands for Direct Digital Control,” said Delisle. “It allows fast, remote connection to our Combined Heat and Power systems and verification of our heating loads and heating dissipation for our clients.”

Delisle arrives at work between 4 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. each day and his first priority is reviewing pre-alarms and notices from Aegis clients that are connected via the DDC which is continuously monitoring and measuring the power and thermal energy being utilized at each site. The proprietary monitoring software is designed to signal when a problem may occur.

“Remote monitoring also helps insure that the systems with which the cogen interacts thermally are talking the same language,” Delisle said. “We use it to maximize our potential regarding customer savings. We sometimes can affect comfort level and adjust to proper cogen heat recovery remotely and thereby shorten response time and sometimes save a trip to the site.”

Delisle has been with Aegis Energy, EDF Group for more than 20 years starting as a technician and working up to service manager. In that role, shared with Rick Barrows, Delisle is responsible for daily schedules, fielding calls from customers and technicians who need support, and improving internal processes.

“On a typical day, through one means or another, we communicate with nine technicians, the four of us in our office, a dozen or so co-workers and five to 10 customers,” Delisle said. “Including the schedules we maintain for our technicians, we impact indirectly another 30 to 45 more customers. That adds up to at least 50 to 70 people or sites per day that we influence.”

Delisle suggested the job requires someone with an approachable, considered, polite and
calm demeanor.

“I don't know how I have lasted this long!” he joked.

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