People in Power: Fedor Tereshchuck

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Jan 28

For a veteran Aegis employee like Fedor Tereshchuck, customer service isn't just a catch phrase. It is the cornerstone of a work ethic designed to produce optimum results. "We care about customer satisfaction," says Tereshchuck, who has been with Aegis for seven years. "We want to provide the best savings for our customers."

Tereshchuck comes out of Westfield Vocational Technical High School's occupational education program. As a Voke Tech student he was mentored at Aegis, working as a "shop guy" while still in school and eventually moved into a full-time role.

He recognizes the value of that apprenticeship.
"In my time here, my abilities have certainly expanded," he notes.

Early in 2007, Tereshchuck began training for a position as a service technician learning to maintain and service the Aegis combined heat and power systems (CHP) such as the Aegen TP-75. The intricate systems
include a natural gas-fueled engine, induction generator, microprocessor control panel, protective switchgear, and heat recovery equipment.

Tereshchuck explains that the CHP systems are remotely monitored 24/7 from Aegis Energy's headquarters in order to make sure they are running as designed. "Pre-alarms" help the service team head off any problems well before a problem may arise within the building's entire heating/cooling system. "Keeping the system at high runtimes helps us provide the best savings for our customers," says Tereshchuck.
He also pointed out that regular-scheduled maintenance helps optimize the systems.

"We do routine service on our systems at least once a month," said Tereshchuck. "We will do oil and filter changes and other preventative services after pre-determined number of operating hours."

With customer service and energy savings as a focus for the Aegis service team, Tereshchuck recognizes the value of prompt response to service calls. "If there is a call before 2 p.m., Monday through Saturday, we can get our techs to a job in a matter of hours," he said. "If it is outside those hours we can still have someone there first thing the following morning."

Founded over a quarter century ago, Aegis Energy, EDF Group designs, builds, and maintains Combined Heat and Power systems that use natural gas-powered engines to generate both heat and electricity.

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