People in Power: Joe Goding

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Aug 27

When it comes to investing in Combined Heat and Power systems, Joe Goding, Chief Operating Officer for Aegis Energy Systems, Inc. is looking long term.

“We are focused on giving our customer a turnkey solution that fits their needs today and for the next thirty years,” he said.  “We service and monitor virtually all our equipment so every new customer we bring on becomes a long-term relationship.”

“I have a relatively diverse background,” he said. “I've spent time in manufacturing, construction, and public audit. I was very fortunate to participate in building companies through internal growth strategies and through acquisitions.”

At Aegis, Goding’s duties continue along a path of vocational diversity as he meets with vendors with an eye toward improving products and services, and works with the management team to ensure the execution of customer commitments.

He also takes a proactive role in Aegis’ Shared Savings program.

Aegis’ unique Shared Savings program allows clients to take advantage of energy cost savings from an Aegis Combined Heat and Power system regardless of their capital improvement budget. Aegis Energy, EDF Group is responsible for the total installation and operating costs of the system.

“They have the option to purchase the system at any time at a price that declines every year,” Goding said. “It is a great option if the customer has a tight capital budget, but wants to start saving money immediately.  Customers can test drive the system, take advantage of any grants or rebates that are available today and buyout at any point in the future when it makes sense for them.”

As Goding sees it, this type of customer service allows Aegis clients to focus on their core business.

“Most customers don't have the expertise or time to focus on their cogeneration system,” he said.  “By partnering with Aegis you have a company that is responsible for the design, equipment, installation, service, and monitoring.  This allows the customer to focus on their business while Aegis uses its 29 years of experience to insure the customer is achieving energy savings.”

This type of value added service and measurable savings makes long-term relationships the norm with the Aegis client list.

“Building these types of relationships is one of the company’s core values,” said Goding.  “We understand that our customers are partnering with Aegis to deliver energy savings for the long-term.”

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