People In Power: Khalima Bubuza

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Apr 29

Khalima Bubuza, financial analyst for Aegis Energy, EDF Group’s PowerVestors division, is always looking for a challenge.

“My initial goal was to work in the medical field,” said Bubuza. “But biology and medicine were not hard for me and I felt like I wasn’t challenging myself enough.”

Bubuza worked at Aegis while she was still in school, starting off with simple data entry tasks and moving to sales support and accounting work.

“When our Director of Finance, Joe Goding, was hired, he took it upon himself to be my mentor and I became more involved in accounting and finance,” Bubuza said. “Every day he challenged me and made me realize that I can make a difference here.”

That influence convinced Bubuza to alter her career path, moving on from medicine and working toward an accounting degree.

It is a decision that has had a positive impact on Aegis Energy, EDF Group clients.

Bubuza’s work as a financial analyst is vital to the success of Aegis’ award-winning PowerVestors division which oversees the company’s unique Shared Savings program.

The Shared Savings program allows clients to take advantage of energy cost savings from an Aegis Combined Heat and Power system regardless of their capital improvement budget. Aegis Energy, EDF Group is responsible for the total installation and operating costs of the system.

While Aegis and the host site are sharing in savings, Aegis is able to amortize the capital cost of the equipment.

“Potential customers can take advantage of savings with no capital outlay,” Bubuza said. “They can test the results of the system with no risk and buy out at a later date for a discounted price.”

As a financial analyst, Bubuza’s contributions are integral to the success of the program. By analyzing the numbers, she can improve the value proposition Aegis makes to its customers.

 “As we prepare invoices for our Shared Savings customers we review historical usage and compare to the current loads to make sure that the site is efficiently using the heat within the building,” she said. “With that information, we can than consult with our service department to adjust and maintain site settings to maximize efficient operation. This helps the customer achieve the savings numbers that they expect.”

Bubuza’s acknowledges that her career shift is still evolving. As a regular participant at industry trade shows, she continues to learn about CHP and, in particular, the Aegis advantage.

“Potential customers are always concerned about system efficiency and operations,” she said. “At Aegis we address that through our monitoring and maintenance package. We strive to run the equipment in the most efficient way to deliver the best possible savings for our customer.”

Overall, she is still motivated by her newly-chosen path.

“It still presents a challenge,” she said. “Aegis provides so many learning opportunities.”


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