People in Power: Sean Pringle

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Apr 23

Sean Pringle, Senior Project Engineer for Aegis Energy, EDF Group, talks about the unique requirements of his work with the firm.

At Aegis Energy, EDF Group, Pringle gets to focus on both engineering and project management. Because Aegis Energy is a vertically integrated company, beginning with manufacturing through design and installation, engineers like Sean get to see the “big picture” and work on the turnkey project start to finish.

“Here, I work on the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical controls,” he said. “I also get to work on the structural and aesthetic components of the engineering of a project.”

Pringle has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and has been working at the firm for five years. He is certified as an EIT, a professional designation from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.

The designation certifies that he has completed a minimum of three years of post-secondary school in an accredited engineering program and has passed the eight hour Fundamentals of Engineering Examination.

Pringle’s expertise comes in to play when a project is secured and the scope of the work is defined. Pringle utilizes his specialized skill set to develop a viable green-energy solution for the client when he is presented with a multi-family building, hotel, recreational facility, or healthcare facility that will be installing an Aegis Energy Combined Heat and Power system.

“I am responsible for the design, management, and installation of the system,” he said. “We aren’t done with that process until the system is running well and delivering the promised energy savings predicted by our energy analysts”

Pringle says there are specific challenges that come with each Combined Heat and Power project.

“Space constraints are always a challenge,” he noted. “While there are some ‘typical’ heating and electric systems, the site specific electrical and heating loads are always different and must be carefully considered. Gas piping design, service clearance, and noise mitigation are also major considerations.”

There are also rewards that come with working in a growing company in the burgeoning green-energy field. Pringle says that the project management aspect of his job gives a real sense of ownership in the projects and points to one in particular that is a source of pride.

“In 2008, I was given the Schwab House project in New York City, after less than a year at Aegis,” he said. “This was our biggest CHP project to date at the time. The job included chillers, 4 CHP modules, cooling towers on the roof, and the installation of lobby and garage HVAC systems. With the support of the senior engineers at Aegis, I successfully designed and installed the system and the system is now one of the highlights of our Shared Savings program.”


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