Is it Time to Retrofit or Replace? What You Need to Know

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Aug 5

The energy landscape is constantly growing and changing—your facility’s current solutions will inevitably become outdated with the passage of time. As your combined heat and power (CHP) system grows older, you’ll need to decide whether you want to retrofit or replace your equipment. As your energy partner, we’ll help you realize the best cost savings with the most informed and financially responsible decision.

Achieve Savings with a "Deep Retrofit" 

Before you completely replace your system, you should lay out your objectives to determine alternative options. A “deep retrofit”, aims to reduce your energy consumption by 50–75% and may help you accomplish your goals. It can include integration with other energy saving products (microgrids or renewable energy sources) or upgrading to an intelligent and computerized management system. Let’s take a look at both of these options:

Microgrid Integration 

Integration is an attractive opportunity because it can efficiently upgrade your current equipment by combining it with other sources. How? A microgrid (a localized power grid) can instantly pull away from the main grid as our PowerSync cogeneration system continues to operate, delivering CHP from a natural gas fuel source. This allows you to consistently produce energy at a lower price. Microgrids can also operate through renewable energy sources, like solar, so your facility can periodically draw power from alternate sources when they are available.

Intelligent Load Management  

At Dalkia Aegis, we can also integrate a building management system (BMS), which uses real-time data about your energy consumption to determine peak locations and times and identify cost savings opportunities. This can include variable frequency drives, setback controls and demand-controlled ventilation for your HVAC system or occupancy sensors for your lighting to shave load profiles and minimize utility bills. You have the power of increased efficiency at your fingertips.

Your Energy Partner  

If you still believe you need a full system replacement, we can help with that too—no matter what you decide for the future of your CHP unit, we’ll operate as your energy partner to achieve your goals of lower costs and higher efficiency. Contact us to get started with a comprehensive no-pressure energy analysis today.