Does Your Building Make the Grade?

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Jan 29

When it comes to selecting which of the 24,000 New York City restaurants to dine in, many locals have come to rely on the city’s Restaurant Grades system. Derived and maintained by the Health Department, the grading system reflects inspection scores: the lower the score, the lower the grade, which correlates to how the inspector perceived safe food handling, food temperature, personal hygiene and vermin control.

The Grading Scale

Given the success of the restaurant rating scale, a similar instrument will soon be implemented city-wide to rate the energy efficiency of large NYC buildings. Just like the restaurants, these buildings will be mandated to advertise their grade at all public entrances. The thought is that the market will be galvanized, and those buildings that ‘make the grade’ will be rewarded with the ability to command higher rent dues for their commitment to sustainability and efficiencies.

In the years ahead, we’ll see the true impact the letter-scale has on the real estate market but if anything can be learned by studying the restaurant industry, it will behoove business owners to strive for high marks. easy as 1,2,3

Who wants to dine in a restaurant that gets an ‘F?’ Likewise, who wants to live in a building that doesn’t make the grade?

Energy efficiency projects take time to implement so it’s best to act now and prepare for these changes. If you are concerned about the ability of your building to pass the test, contact us for a free energy evaluation. Aegis Energy has been a leader in cogeneration services for over 30 years, helping companies dramatically reduce energy costs by up to 50%. For us, getting an efficiency grade of ABC is as easy as...well, you know the rest.

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