BuildingsNY: New Products, Services and Education to Help Save Money on Buildings, Which Is Something Aegis Knows How to Do

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on May 10

BuildingsNY is the unique combination of an exhibition, no-cost accredited education, partnership opportunities and networking events. It is the single source, full product life-cycle solution to safely and cost-effectively operate your buildings.

The description of the product life-cycle solution is apropos of Aegis Energy, EDF Group, which is a leader in Combined Heat and Power system installations. Aegis, which attended BuildingsNY, has helped countless buildings in NYC dramatically reduce energy costs by up to 50% while substantially reducing their emissions.

BuildingsNY featured more than 6,000 building industry professionals, and 400-plus suppliers that offered state-of-the-art innovation technologies, goods and services to reduce costs for buildings. Industry leaders and subject matter experts also shared their extensive knowledge and industry trends, including our very own Dan Burke who presented, “Reduce Your Energy Costs and Grid Dependency with Combined Heat + Power,” before an engaged crowd.

CHP systems are an economical and sustainable solution for multi-unit residential buildings and large-scale industrial facilities, in particular. Whether heating or cooling bedrooms and common areas or warming swimming pools, Aegis CHP units continuously meet load requirements while staying independent from the grid. They are also resilient and have 24/7 fail-safe standby or backup power.

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