National Engineers Week: February 18-24

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Feb 19


Quick! Name a holiday for which you either give or receive a greeting card.

Even if National Engineers Week didn’t come to mind, the celebration is in full swing from February 18 to 24, and will be observed by more than 70 societies and 50 corporations and government agencies, not to mention here at Aegis. First celebrated in 1951, its purpose is to call attention to the contributions to society that engineers make and to emphasize the importance of learning math, science and technical skills.

What better time for us to highlight the engineering behind our CHP systems and the engineers who have integrated them into more than 1,000 facilities since 1985.

The Engineering Behind CHP

CHP is the oldest form of electrical distribution recorded, first used more than a century ago by Thomas Edison to fuel the world’s first commercial power plant—and likely the first instance of energy recycling. While Edison achieved roughly 50% operational efficiency, technology has vastly improved. Today, CHP systems provide operational efficiency of 85%, using nearly all natural gas input to produce heat and electricity. In addition to this feat, unlike traditional nuclear or fossil-fueled generators, or even wind or solar generators, CHP plants also represent a system load; they have the ability to enhance the grid’s resiliency while contributing to sustainability.

The Aegis Advantage

Aegis is accountable for every part, every process, and every projection.

Unlike many other CHP providers in the industry, Aegis provides a single source of accountability. Immersed in your project beginning with consultation and concept, you can count on Aegis to maintain the same level of responsiveness and commitment through to construction, completion and beyond. No outsourcing of engineering, manufacturing or maintenance or expertise of any kind.

We’d say that’s enough reason to celebrate this week. Care to party with us over lunch? We’ll bring the food if you bring the questions.

Give us a call to schedule a Lunch & Learn at your facility. After we enjoy a slice of cake, there’s a great possibility we can reduce your energy costs by up to 50%.

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