Unlock Your Property’s Green Potential: Connect With Us at BuildingsNY

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Mar 29

If you are a building owner or facility manager in New York City, we have no doubt you are looking forward to the 2019 BuildingsNY show as much as we are. While you are there learning how to lock in your property’s profitability, we’ll show you how to unlock its green potential.

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March(ing) Into Tradeshow Season

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Mar 16

On March 14, we found ourselves with a difficult choice to make with two overlapping events. With such varied agendas and such important topics to discuss and information to glean, we didn’t choose to attend either or, but rather, BOTH. That morning, our team packed their bags, waved goodbye, and traveled to their respective locales, effectively dividing and conquering to make the most of the second Wednesday in the month.

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Anchin Construction & Development Forum: The Takeaways

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Feb 22

If you’ve read any of our recent blogs, you know that in addition to being a leader in emerging technology—CHP—we also pride ourselves on being at the forefront of legislative updates that could affect the energy market and our customers. Last month, our blog focused on New York City, and this month, our travels took us there—to the Anchin Construction and Development Forum, more specifically.

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National Engineers Week: February 18-24

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Feb 19


Quick! Name a holiday for which you either give or receive a greeting card.

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National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Jan 9

It makes ‘cents’ that National Cut Your Energy Costs Day occurs in the beginning of the New Year—January 10, to be exact—when resolutions are either being planned or implemented. As a professional, we’d like for you to consider conducting an energy audit. After all, energy efficiency can mean the difference between dollars in your company’s pocket and dollars wasted.

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