National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Jan 9

It makes ‘cents’ that National Cut Your Energy Costs Day occurs in the beginning of the New Year—January 10, to be exact—when resolutions are either being planned or implemented. As a professional, we’d like for you to consider conducting an energy audit. After all, energy efficiency can mean the difference between dollars in your company’s pocket and dollars wasted.

Aegis Energy has been a leader in cogeneration services for over 30 years, helping companies just like yours dramatically reduce energy costs by up to 50%. In fact, there’s an average 3 to 5 year return on investment.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to consider CHP, there are additional financial incentives including state programs which we are committed to helping you navigate. Further, we’ve even developed our own program, the Aegis Shared Savings Program, which allows clients to take advantage of energy cost-savings without requiring any capital investments or operating expenses.

As you can imagine, to us at Aegis, every day is the perfect day to cut energy costs. Still, on this special observance day, we hope you’ll resolve to consider the benefits CHP could bring to your facility. We’d even be glad to help with that resolution: contact us for a free energy evaluation.

Now, queue the confetti. 3...2...1...Happy National Cut Your Energy Costs Day from all of us at Aegis!

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