People in Power: Mark Cloutier, Director of Program Management

Posted by Dalkia Aegis on Oct 27

Mark Cloutier is looking for a better way to do things.

As Director of Program Management for Aegis Energy, EDF Group he is charged with the task of coordinating the activities and resources across several departments in an effort to meet the needs of Aegis clients.

He approaches that task in pioneering fashion.

“Aegis embraces change,” he said. “Companies and workers that are content with ‘the way it's always been done’ will quickly be left behind by others willing to try new technology or techniques for conducting business.”

Cloutier holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Western New England University. Having served in the role of design engineer, project manager, and supervisor, he understands the teamwork that’s required to deliver a quality product.

He also understands what it takes to stay focused on company objectives.

“Aegis is fortunate to be experiencing tremendous growth,” he said. “We are challenged with finding new ways of utilizing existing resources and pursuing opportunities to conduct business in a way that brings highest value to the organization and our customers.”

Cloutier says that changes in management style, schedule visibility, and resource accountability are just a few of the improvements Aegis has initiated in its efforts to become a stronger team. He utilizes his skills in extended forecast scheduling, personnel development, and supplier management to drive customer satisfaction.

“Clarifying and documenting customer expectations early in the project are the first steps towards insuring their satisfaction with the final product,” he said. “Communicating these expectations to the internal teams involved, as well as setting achievable build schedules and priorities, ensures we'll meet the customer's delivery expectations.”

The programs implemented by Cloutier support the industry-leading products that Aegis is delivering to the marketplace.

“Since every cogen is tested prior to shipment, our confidence is high regarding equipment performance at the customer site,” he says. “And we have a strong service team that can keep the systems running for the long haul thereby ensuring promised energy savings.”

The effort for continuous improvement isn’t going unnoticed as Aegis continues to expand its reach in the Combined Heat and Power field.

“The results are definitely being noticed by our customers,” said Cloutier. “And our competitors.”

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