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How the NYC Benchmarking Law Is Changing Energy Conservation Efforts

As they say on Project Runway, “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” While environmental efforts are far from the glitz and glam of the runway, if your company isn’t integrating a commitment to sustainability efforts into its business plan, your chances of staying competitive in a crowded marketplace are slim. NYC is leading the charge and encouraging friendly competition by instituting a city-wide benchmarking rating system to gauge the energy efficiency of large buildings. Businesses need to be transparent about everything nowadays, so why not add energy conservation efforts to that list?

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Winter Weather Patterns

The weather climate in America is changing. As a result, severe weather events like intense rain and snowstorms, flooding, dangerous heat, drought, storms, hurricanes and tornadoes are becoming more frequent and extreme. Burning fossil fuels—such as coal, oil and gas—releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Once released it traps heat, causing the Earth’s temperature to rise, which then changes wind, moisture and heat circulation patterns and leads to extreme weather events.

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Combined Heat and Power Systems Can Weather the Storm

In the last six years, three severe weather events—Superstorm Sandy and Hurricanes Harvey and Maria—caused widespread damage and left millions of residents without power during and after the storms for a long duration of time. When Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 16, 2017, it was the second-largest recorded power outage in the world. But even smaller storms that produced 4 tornadoes in Connectict in May 2018 left many businesses without power for a week.

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